Mycroft Recovers from Surgery Like…

…Dabney Coleman recovers from being poisoned, roped, and shot.

See for yourself:

Mycroft tied to the bed:


 (he is not allowed to jump on or off the bed, or use the stairs, or go outside off-lead…just lots of things. While in an enclousure in Grandma’s room, Mycroft’s cries and whines broke Grandma’s heart to such an extent that Moron used a harness and lead tied to the headboard to prevent Mycroft from leaving the bed. On a sidenote: When trying to calm Mycroft to have him stat in the enclousure, Grandma asked Moron if there was anything that Mycroft would like in there with him. Moron responded “I can think of two things actually…”)

But here is Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5 likewise harnessed and confined to a bed:

 Although they have different temperaments, Coleman’s Mr. Hart and Mycroft have a few things in common: Salt and pepper hair, no respect for Jane Fonda, and an appreciation for Lilly Tomlin (Although Mycroft’s survived The Incredible Shrinking Woman). Also, they have the same facial expression in these photos.

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