Grandpa’s Bedlington was named Buachail Donn, Irish for brown haired boy. (Bedlingtons are not Irish any more than Grandpa was, but that was Grandpa. If he had his way Moron would be Liam and Moron’s sister would be Moira. I have the most Jewish name in the family, and that’s because Moron named me. FYI Bedlingtons are Anglican, making my name somewhat Moronic.)

The correction is this: In a prior post I named Grandpa’s brown haired boy Bookie. Grandma informs me that the call name was spelled Bookey (pronounced boo-key) as not to have folks think the dog ran a gambling operation. This was a common misconception until the last two letters of his call name were changed, allowing Bookey to narrowly avoid a RICO indictment.

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