Summer cut

Shorn. But I still maintain that I am not a lamb. Moron also needs a haircut. Moron’s should be cheaper, and far less invasive.

Just so y’all know, the vet said my weight is fine, I am not undernourished. That is in terms of food. My mind is about to atrophy from the idiotic level of conversation. Moron says “sit” and guess what buddy, I have free will. Next time try explaining what’s in it for me. Meet me half way here, Moron.


2 thoughts on “Summer cut

  1. Hey, Mycroft here. I went through the same procedure. I did not like it either. I feel naked. Oh well, have to look good for when the Shemdrick family arrives.

  2. tell the lady who shears you to give me all the top knot fur, I want to make the worlds softest sweater.

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