What kind of dog are you?

I am a Bedlington Terrier


How old are you?

I was born in February of 2009.


How big will you get?

I will grow to be 20-25 pounds which is 140 to 175 in dog pounds. I try not to think about dog pounds.


Would you like a treat?



You are so soft. Aren’t you so soft?

Believe it or not, Dark and Lovely has always done the trick for me.


 After a long hard day of being a puppy, what helps you wind down?

Water. On the rocks. Sometimes I mean ice, and sometimes I mean rocks (there is a fountain down the street).


Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of any subversive organizations?

Well, the AKC. I am a tag holder.


And how would you describe your political beliefs?

I think that very dog should be able to do as he pleases without human intervention. In this sense I am a canine libertarian.

But I also believe in a strict authoritarian pack structure. In this sense I am a bit of a fascist.

My philosophy can be summed up as “I got mine”.

I guess all of this makes me a grassroots Republican.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

    1. I am Canis lupus familiaris – the domesticated wolf, while the squirrels are rodents. In one way we are distant relations in the mammal class – but then I would be as related to a squirrel as you are to me!

      I have never really met a squirrel. Never even got close. Moron won’t let me.

      But boy o boy am I curious.

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